Abandoned Places- do they bring out an emotional response in you?

We worked on an exercise in our Igniting the Spark class last week.  Gaia Holmes brought in a beautiful array of pictures from the sites Abandoned Yorkshire  and the incredible photographer Niki Feijen (latest book – Frozen.)

We were all touched in some way by these stunning images and speculated on the stories behind them.

niki feijenThis is my response to one of the many inspirational photographs.

Wonder Room

Firmitas, utilitas, verustas,

I am all of these and I am his.

He clothed my walls with fragrant wood.

He kept me warm with tight packed spines of golden knowledge,

arrayed so I could feel the press of words against my heavy walls.

He bestowed the richest landscapes for my eyes,

so I could see the depths of forests,

or the graceful lines of bridges.

He chose my portmanteau,

and loved the simple marriage of my curving ladderback,

my rustic jug upon the homely table, thickly planked.

He gifted me a cabinet of curiosities.

and filled it with the choices of his century,

so I should always feel the beauty of his curated world.

Until one day he left me,

long ago.

Louella Ramsden October 2014


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